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3 Free Apps to Target Speech & Language - Paediatrics

Having returned from a short hiatus of writing on this blog, I am happy to share some additional resources that may be particularly useful during this time when younger students and clients are finding themselves at home more often. What are the top FREE apps that I would recommend for targeting speech & language practice? Read on below to find out some of the apps that I use the most in therapy. I have included three apps in today's post, and will likely update again for additional apps as well as handy apps for adult clients/older students.

1) Toca Tailor Fairy Tales / Toca Kitchen Monsters

With great graphics and a wide variety of uses, this app provides an excellent reinforcement and great language and conversation expansion activity. Kids love these apps!

How I use it: In addition to using the app to talk about adjectives and concepts (e.g., 'longer, shorter' etc.), I love to use these apps to practice making requests (e.g., "Can I have..." or "I want the ..."). Also great for following directions and for general reinforcements.

2) Sort it Out (Version 2 also available for older children)

This is a good app for sorting into categories and for building vocabulary.

How I Use It: I’ve used this app with the kiddos who are fairly good at basic, salient categories but need more work with subcategory work! For example, it would be at a good level for a child who could identify a ‘toy’ from an ‘animal’ but who has trouble identifying different toys such as a ‘ball’ vs a ‘vehicle’ vs a ‘stuffed animal’.

3) Little Finder

An app that works on receptive language (at the word level) and vocabulary development.

How I use it: Once opened, the app lets you choose between 1 player or 2 players. Then, the game begins. It says a word out loud (and also shows the written form at the bottom of the screen). The child is timed to see how fast they can find the picture that matches each corresponding word. I love this game because its a more motivational way to teach basic vocabulary, listening skills, or to test receptive language at the word level!

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