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In-Home Speech Therapy for Children & Adults

Paediatric Services

Andrea provides services for toddlers, preschool-ages, elementary-ages, and adolescents. Click on each category button to learn more. 

   Articulation, Lisps, Motor Speech Disorders,

   Clef-Palate & Craniofacial abnormalities


   Early language development, Vocabulary,

   Grammar, Auditory comprehension, Hanen 

   Certified Parent Training

   Emotional regulation, Play-based skills, Pragmatics

   & Social skills learning, Behavioural intervention

   Preschool-age to adolescent stuttering, Rapid

   speech rate (Cluttering), Avoidance

   behaviours, Stammering

   Spelling, Recognizing sight words, Sound-letter

   associations, Reading fluenc

Services for Adults

Andrea provides services for working professionals and for older adults.

Click on each category button to learn more. 

   Accent Modification, Enunciation, Lisps,

   Adult Stuttering


   Post-Stroke management, Aphasia, Dementia,

   Memory/Cognition, Word finding, Executive Function

   Dysphagia, Coughing on food/liquid,

   Inability to swallow, Food sticking in throat

   Vocal Loudness, Hoarse Voice, 

   Healthy voice coaching   



"Ms. Lau has been working with our child for the last year and we have seen marked improvement in clarity and quality of speech. Ms. Lau, unfailingly cheerful, patient, and encouraging, displays marvellous capacity for managing occasional unruliness and delivering memorable prompts to parent and child alike so that our child remembers to use his 'good sounds'."

- Parent of a 4 year old client

“Andrea is incredibly patient and provides an individualized service that is truly tailored to the client.  Her calm and remarkably positive approach made my daughter feel completely at ease.  She is very organized and clearly prepares for each appointment in advance, as she always has the documents and information ready to handout at the end of the appointment.  The time during each session is well-used; there is none wasted looking for papers or making photocopies.”

- Parent of a 16 year old client

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