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SLP Services for Speech & Articulation

  SLPs can help with...​

  • Speech Delay

  • Unclear Speech 

  • Motor Speech Delay

  • Cleft Lip & Palate

  • Phonological Delay

  • Predictable Sound Errors (e.g., final consonant deletion)

  • Sound & Syllable Omissions

  • Sound Substitutions/Distortions

  • Lisps

  • Trouble with R, TH, L, SH sounds etc. 


Speech sound disorder is an umbrella term referring to any difficulty with perception, muscle movement, or mental representation of speech sounds. 

Contact Andrea Lau at Speech Vancouver if you have any concerns regarding your child's speech development.  Andrea can provide assessment and therapy services in the comfort of your home, school or daycare in Vancouver and surrounding regions including: Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver, Surrey. 


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Andrea's Ad​ditional Training and Qualifications for Speech Sound Shaping:

Trained in the PROMPT Institute tactile-kinesthetic approach

Extensive experience customizing and sharing creative lesson plans to make learning sounds fun for children of all ages! 

Examples of some Speech Sound Errors
  • Omissions/Deletions—certain sounds are omitted or deleted (e.g., "cu" for "cup" and "poon" for "spoon")

  • Substitutions—one or more sounds are substituted, which may result in loss of phonemic contrast (e.g., "thing" for "sing" and "wabbit" for "rabbit")

  • Additions—one or more extra sounds are added or inserted into a word (e.g., "buhlack" for "black")

  • Distortions—sounds are altered or changed (e.g., a lateral "s")

  • Syllable-level errors—weak syllables are deleted (e.g., "tephone" for "telephone")

Speech sounds appear in typically developing children’s speech at different times - with easier sounds emerging earlier, and more difficult sounds emerging later.  A speech/articulation delay exists if a child cannot produce a sound when most children their age have acquired that sound.  If not addressed through intervention with a Speech-Language Pathologist, speech delays can result in frustration and embarrassment and may even impact one's motivation to socialize. 

Some parents think their child will overcome their speech difficulties in time and wait too long before seeking the assistance of a speech therapist.  

It is recommended that parents contact a registered Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) when they are concerned about their child's speech clarity. This would help ensure their child is able to communicate as would be expected for their age and to prevent the delay from widening over time. 

What does Speech/Articulation Therapy look like? 

Andrea will conduct a thorough speech assessment to provide parents with valuable information concerning which sounds your child can or cannot say, and determine if their speech errors are developmentally appropriate.  She will then work with parents and the client to determine the best treatment plan as a team, and recommend the type of treatment in order to see the best results. Through age-appropriate handouts, activities, and games, Andrea will shape the accurate practice of the sounds then systematically practicing these new motor patterns in words, phrases, sentences and finally into spontaneous conversation.

When should I contact a Speech Therapist? 

Contacting a speech therapist is advised when any of the following speech or oral-motor difficulties are noted:

  • Unclear or unintelligible speech

  • Sound substitution errors

  • Difficulty with the production of certain speech sounds

  • Consonant deletions

  • Syllable deletions

  • Forward or visible tongue placement during speech

  • Open mouth posture in resting position

  • Tongue thrust

  • Lower jaw instability or lateral jaw sliding during speech

  • Drooling

  • Difficulties with feeding or chewing


Contact Andrea Lau at Speech Vancouver if you have any concerns regarding your child's speech clarity. 


For more information on how Speech Vancouver can help, please phone 604 723 9589 or email:

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